Gastvortrag: Measuring Democratic Attitudes in the Arab World

Thursday, 30 June 2011, 18.15 h, Room 001, Verfügungsgebäude (Wilhelmstr. 19)

Dr. Walid Alkhatib, Center for Strategic Studies, Univ. of Jordan

Measuring Democratic Attitudes in the Arab World

The recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and other counties have raised the hopes for the spread of democracy throughout the Arab World. But do Arab citizens really share democratic norms and values? Arab and American Scholars have established the „Arab Democracy Barometer“ in order to privide reliable data on the political attitudes of the Arab public. Dr. Walid Alkhatib, coordinator of the Arab Barometer, discusses the results of the latest survey and elaborates on attitutes towards democracy in various Arab countries.

Dr. Walid Alkhatib is coordinator of the Polls and Surveys Unit at the Center of Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Statistics from the University of Kent-Canterbury in the UK. His academic interests include democracy in the Arab World, Palestinian refugees and Palestinian identity as well as government performance in Jordan.

This presentation is the fifth lecture in the series „Middle East Politics in Dialogue“ organized by the Research Unit on Middle East and Comparative Politics of the Institute for Political Science.

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